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SPEEDOFFICE Mobile office space, configured to suit you, from a single office to an entire complex

Adaptable mobile office space, configured to suit you, from a single office to an entire complex

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Instant mobile homes, for singles and families; plumbed and wired, with optional extras

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Mobile homes, for singles & families; plumbed & wired, with optional extras

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Single or multiple sleeping accommodation, ideal for construction & industrial sites

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Mobile kitchens, catering units or cafeterias equipped with fittings & appliances

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Expandable office space with flexibility & sections easily deliverable to any site

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Hygienic, fully equipped ablution facilities, from a single WC to a complete complex

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Durable, adaptable building system comprising prefabricated panels assembled on site

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From flatpack to erected cabin in under four hours. Multiple units can be joined.

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Refurbishment and repairs

Experienced Speedspace siting teams repair and refurbish our mobile prefab and modular units on an ongoing basis - either at our premises or on site.

Speedspace is happy to help with valuations of used mobile prefab houses, offices and containers.

Buy-back and resale services
If you have mobile prefab residential accommodation units (Parkhomes), office or modular units or containers on site that you no longer need, we can either buy them back or resell them on your behalf.

To complement our comprehensive range of services, Speedspace offers an in-house transport division to ensure speedy delivery and minimise the risk of damage to leased and purchased mobile units.

Relocation of mobile houses (Parkhomes) or office units forms part of the services offered by Speedspace.

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